8th of February, 2016 We are currently too busy with providing tour service and running our own art gallery called DUB in Pardubice, Czech Republic and for these reasons we are not booking any European tours for 2016.

You can still contact regarding van rental / gear rental / tour managing and merch printing. We are annually upgrading our van flee with our favourite product of worldwide car industry - Ford Transit. Please get in touch if you need quote for your tour: seekharbor@gmail.com.

Our references for 2015: New Native, Huntress, Lenny Lashley, Tomy Wealth (jap), Sítě, Vague, Deerhoof (3x), Lost In Society, Purling Hiss, Dave Lombardo s PHILM (2x), Oneida, Kids of Zoo, Botanist, Kayo Dot, Spirits, And The Wiremen (2x), Mile Me Deaf, Zeni Geva (2x), Doug Tutttle, Yonatan Gat, Dead Rider, Celestial Shore, Speed Noise Hell (jap), Lydia Lunch Retrovirus, Ramzailech, The Holydrug Couple, Cosmonauts, Dearly Beloved, Slavery, Hrobocop, OR, Tropical Trash, Warlocks, Indian Jewelry, Free Throw, Xiu Xiu plays Twin Peaks, Continental, Calvin Johnson, Mile Me Deaf, Gattaca, Remek, Burnt Ones, Creeping Pink, Sebestřet, John Southworth, Insect Ark, Walk the Plank, Such Gold, Mouse on Mars